One of the home improvement projects that will most likely return $1 for $1 is adding hardwood flooring. Not only will one enjoy the beauty and warmth of these wood flooring, but gain an advantage when it is time to sell the property. In this three-part blog series (Part-1), we will discuss types of hardwood flooring, installation, and costs.

There are three categories of hardwood flooring 1) Natural 2) Manufactured 3) Hybrid

Natural – These are real wood that shows the natural veins and stained with different colors. They come in different thickness 1/4”, 3/8”, 1/2” etc., They also come in various widths. These can be sanded and restained over any number of times. From a maintenance point of view, these require the most care, especially when there is a water spill.

There are two types of installation
i) Glue down – As the name indicates, one can glue these to the leveled floor.
II) Nailed down – In this installation, you nail down plywood to the floor and then nail the hardwood to the plywood.

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