Manufactured – There two types
1) Laminate
2) Luxury Vinyl Planks
Laminate – a Highly durable material that is scratch resistant with many colors and textures. Most Laminates are floated on the floor and will need an underlayment is required to reduce the noise. From a maintenance point of view, these relatively more straightforward when compared with natural hardwood but will get easily damaged when water spill is left unattended or not cleaned immediately. Many of these laminates are scratch resistant and will maintain its texture and color for years to come.

Luxury Vinyl Planks – These are relatively newer products that are similar to Laminate but offer water-resistant or waterproof. These products provide rich wood-like texture and come with a plethora of colors. The installation of these products is much easier and can be attached to the flooring.

HYBRID (Engineered wood) – It has real wood for 5 to 7 millimeters, which then attached to a manufactured material. In all aspects, this similar to natural timber expect one is limited to how many times the wood can be sanded and restained.

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