The advent of SMART devices has allowed homeowners an opportunity to leverage “apps” to control and monitor many elements of one’s home. One of the most often used equipment is the garage door. While newer garage door openers have built-in capability to be controlled by app many garage doors in use do not have that capability. In this blog, I wanted to share a simple device that I purchased and installed on my 2004 built garage door.
Step#1 – Purchased MEROSS Smart WiFI garage door device from Amazon
Step#2 – Ensured that the WiFi signal was adequate in the garage location that I was planning to install
Step#3 – Download app, installed and configured the app
Step#4 – Actual installation of smart device with the existing garage door control unit
The Smart WiFi device has a power input, magnetic sensor as input, and two wires that connect to the current garage door control unit. The instruction provided by the manufacturer was simple and straight forward. What took the most time is identifying the location of the magnetic sensor, securing it, and ensuring the wires are secured to the sheetrock. This step took me about 30 minutes, while the rest of the steps were done in 10 minutes.
Click to watch a 5-minute video
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