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The advent of SMART devices has allowed homeowners an opportunity to leverage “apps” to control and monitor many elements of one’s home. One of the most often used equipment is the garage door. While newer garage door openers have built-in capability to be controlled by app many garage doors in use do not have that


The US Congress passed legislation call REAL ID ACT in 2005 that requires states to implement uniform standards for the issuance and production of state-issues driver licenses and identification cards. Beginning October 1, 2020, REAL ID-compliant cards will be accepted as a form of identification to access federal facilities or at airports for domestic travel.


If you purchased property in 2019, you might be able to get money from the seller for their portion of the property taxes. Counties in the state of Texas finalize and mailed out the final property tax bill in October. When properties are purchased, the title companies and the lender use the certified property tax

Plumbing & P-Trap

One of the modern invention that is simple yet powerful is a p-trap. As the schematic indicates, it is shaped like alphabet U and commonly seen under sinks, toilets, etc. The wastewater drains through the sink and flows through the p-trap into the sewer line. The decomposition of solids in the wastewater release gas that

HVAC: Refrigerant R22 and the impact of phase out

R22 is a commonly used refrigerant that has been used in the HVAC system manufactured before 2010. R22 is considered an ozone-depleting substance and therefore regulated by the EPA. Per the EPA, as of Jan 1, 2020, the US will stop manufacturing R22 and prohibit the installation of new appliances that require the use of

PASSIVE INCOME: Would investing in rental properties an option?

Rental properties are a high investment class for those considering passive income. These are regarded as passive income as one has the option to continue full-time employment while managing these assets with a minimal time commitment. What is the investment model? Consider purchasing a single-family residential at $200K with a 25% downpayment; the monthly P.I.T.I.

APPLYING for Mortgage? THE Don’ts

Owning a home is a great opportunity that comes with many advantages. A significant percentage of homebuyers opting to finance, in this blog, we will provide the TOP THREE DON’Ts BEFORE CLOSING Do not apply for new credit Do not change jobs Do not transfer large amounts of money to your bank account without a

ROOF REPLACEMENT: Contractor Paying Deductible?

A new TEXAS law that took effect on August 7, 2019, considers paying the of the deductible by the roofing contractor is a violation and may include $2000 fine and up to six months in jail. When the policyholder makes, an insurance claim has to pay the deductible first, and the insurance company pays the

Lower Interest Rate: Time to Refinance?

Mortgage interest rates hit an all-time low during the first week of Setempber 2019 for the last one year. The interest rate has fallen at least 1% lower than it was during the same period the previous year. A lower rate will undoubtedly benefit a homeowner as monthly Principal and Interest (P&I) will be lowered.

MORTGAGE: Which is better 15 years or 30 years?

When buyers are shopping for a mortgage, they wonder which is a better term, i.e., going with 15 years or 30 years note. The answer depends on the buyer financial situation. Indeed, a 15 years term will have a lower interest rate but higher monthly principal and interest (P&I). On the contrary, a 30 years