PRICE APPRECIATION – Prices of homes will likely appreciate between 2 to 5%
INTEREST RATE – Best case scenario for a 30-year mortgage will 3.25%, and the worst-case scenario will be 4%. These are historically near the lower range.
DEMAND – North Texas will experience continued demand for housing due to job-related relocation. Though the momentum of companies relocating to North Texas might be slowing down, the DFW area still provides an attractive option.
SUPPLY – Includes the pre-existing homes coming to the market as well as the new homes by builders. There are three segments.
Small – Homes priced under 300K. This segment will be hot, i.e., and demand will outpace the supply.
Medium – Homes priced between $300K to $800K
Large – Home priced above $800K
Both medium and large segments will experience the softness, i.e., supply might outpace the demand
So if you are a BUYER – Very conducive environment but will be competitive if your budget is under $300K. Expect to lookout a longer time to find a property and likely to encounter multiple offers.
So if you are a SELLER – Expect property to move fast if priced under $300K. In the higher price range, expect homes to sit longer on the market.
If you are in the market to buy or sell, contact Poogle (972)4087402, an experienced and knowledgeable REALTOR(R).

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