What happens when you work with a NON-REPUTED contractor?

I wanted to narrate a phone call that I received from an excellent client of mine.

CLIENT: Poogle, I replaced the roof (luxury rentals) in August of 2019, and it is leaking now (mid-March 2020). I have called the roofing company multiple times and have not heard back from them. What should I do?
POOGLE: Sorry to hear. Is the roofing company a Better Business Bureau (BBB) rated company?
CLIENT: No, it was one of those companies that told me they would take care of my deductible.
POOGLE: Not only they did a lousy job on the roof, but they also made you commit insurance fraud. They probably made a false claim on your behalf to cover for the deductible. If the insurance company audited the work and discovered a false claim, they could cancel the insurance and report to the Texas Department of Insurance. That told, are there damages to the attic and/or the ceiling?
CLIENT: Yes, to both
POOGLE: Do you see any black stuff in the attic and/or ceiling?
CLIENT: Yes, to both. I could be mold.
POOGLE: This is pretty serious, and being a rental property, the tenant could come after you should they or their children fall sick due to mold.
CLIENT: What should I do now?
POOGLE: You should act immediately to stop the leak, call a mold inspector, and follow the mold remediation procedure outlined by the mold inspector. Upon completion of the mold remediation work, call the mold inspector back, get it inspected again and get a certificate of clearance.
CLIENT: How much will it cost?
POOGLE: I don’t know but at least $3000 or higher
CLIENT: Can I file an insurance claim?
POOGLE: Not sure if they will cover for defective workmanship
CLIENT: It seems that I tried to save money on the deductible, and now I might have to spend 2 to 3 times that amount on fixing the roof and mold situation. Thanks, Poogle.

Be cautious when roofing contractors offer to waive the deductible as the state law has made it illegal (https://www.tdi.texas.gov/news/2019/tdi08072019.html)

A general guideline when selecting roofing contractors
1) Get quotes from at least three companies that have been in business for at least five-plus years
2) Check if they have a web presence
3) Check for customer reviews and if possible talk with one or two of their references
4) Do not sign a contract with blank spaces
5) Make the final payment once ALL work has been completed

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