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WINTER: Why now is an excellent time for home improvement?

During winter most of the contractors have significant downtime due to lower construction activity. Hence it may be a perfect time to consider indoor home improvement projects. A few projects to consider are: 1) Upgrading Flooring 2) Upgrading Kitchen C-Top and Cabinets 3) Upgrading Master Bath 4) Painting the walls 5) Painting the garage floor

Home Maintenance Series: Protecting exterior faucet during Hard Freeze

In this video, Poogle will demonstrate how to protect your exterior faucets in winter during the hard freeze. Invest $5 in materials and 5 minutes of your time and save $500 in repair costs. If you are in the market to buy property in Dallas-Fortworth, TX contact Poogle. If you are in the market to

Real World Real Estate – Buying your home

BUYING YOUR HOME- Buying your home whether it is your first home or second home, it is one of the most expensive items that you will spend in your lifetime. There are FIVE critical steps towards BUYING YOUR HOME #1: Why do you want to buy a home? #2: Work with a good realtor #3:

PROPERTY TAX – Simple Steps to Protest & Save

Most homeowners across North Texas must have received mail from their counties regarding the appraised value of their properties. Home prices in the Dallas Fort-worth metroplex areas have high all time since 2007 which means that your appraised value would have increased. Appraisers at the county use different tools and technique to assess the value

The Compound Effect: Building Your Household’s Wealth

Wealth is within reach for many people; however, according to a recent study 63 percent of Americans said it’s not likely they’ll become rich.1 While younger people are more likely to say they’ll achieve wealth one day, only 34 percent of people aged 30 to 49 and 21 percent of people aged 50 or older

5 Reasons to Sell Before the Selling Season Picks Up

A common thought in real estate is never listed your home in the winter offseason. Perpetuated by industry experts, agents and repeat sellers alike, this saying encourages many would-be sellers to wait until the spring peak to list their homes. However, studies show that homes listed in the winter offseason not only sell faster than